Teleworking with Manatees

Like many people, I'm very fond of manatees. Despite being mossy and a little bit potato-like, there's something incredibly engaging about them. And, like many people, I've also spent a lot of time teleworking over the last few months. Fortunately, the first situation has made the second a little easier. At noon, several days a... Continue Reading →

Newly Launched – “Love Nature: The Biophilia Podcast”

Dan letting me help rehabilitate a cold-shocked green sea turtle Last Wednesday, I teamed up with my colleague Dr. Dan Dombrowski, Chief Veterinarian at North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences to launch Love Nature: The Biophilia Podcast. The launch itself was part of of BugFest, the Museum's largest event of the year, attracting 30,000 people... Continue Reading →

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