Weird Armies

I just discovered, while doing some research, that the Dutch East India Company had a private army. I was surprised to discover that, assuming it had been more like Macy's meets David Livingston. But it makes sense. Given their acquisitive agenda, coupled with the (quite reasonable) opinion of local people that they would rather keep... Continue Reading →

A Clutch of Vampires

In my last post, I wrote about immortality. It occurs to me, however, that I left out one of the most important aspects of this phenomenon occuring in popular culture - vampires. The most recent Twilight series (which I haven't seen, I have to admit) is only the latest point in a long history that... Continue Reading →

Perverse taxidermy

This post was catalysed by my friend Dale, who sent me a web link for BrewDog Beer, featuring a pair of taxidermied animals fashioned as beer bottle covers. The point they're making with the bottles is that they're beer is so finally crafted (and presumably unique) that they can afford to create these one-offs to... Continue Reading →

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